I don’t know how many of you guys listen to Nerdist but it is one of my favorite podcasts.  I started listening back in May when my world turned kind of upside down.  I was changing a lot of things about myself and I needed something different in my life.  

One of the things I was changing was cutting a person out of my life.  Part of the problem with that was that I would talk to this person on my way from work to my internship.  Which was an hour long drive.  I needed a distraction from thinking about what I wasn’t doing.  I was searching for podcasts because I couldn’t listen to music without crying.

That was when I came across Nerdist.

It was silly, it was fun, and it was noise.  But mostly I felt like I had found new friends.  Friends that I could listen to but didn’t have to interact with and that couldn’t hurt me because they weren’t real (I realize how insane I sound).

Anyway, I am going to see the Nerdist Podcast Live at SF Sketchfest tomorrow night and I have been really excited about it but really nervous.  They do meet and greets after and I know that I want to meet them but I am also scared of ruining it for myself.  Not that I think they are going to be dicks, but it’s going pretty well as it is now.

So as a way to try to force myself to meet them I made them these pillows.  I designed the Latch Hook pattern myself and I bought yarn and I cut the yarn and I latch hooked the yarn and then I sewed the backing on and I stuffed them and what I’m saying is I did a lot of fucking work to make 3 kind of shitty pillows.  And I have asked my husband about a hundred times if I am being ridiculous and I have asked him if they are going to think I am insane and I have asked him if this is all just stupid and I should give up.  And I’ll be honest, he was skeptical at first.  But they turned out not so bad.

And the backings of the pillows are specifically designed for each of the guys.  Chris gets the bowling print one, Jonah gets the one with cassette tapes, and Matt gets the one with the astronaut.

And I will meet them tomorrow and I will give them their pillows that I labored on for more time than I should admit to anyone and it will be over and I will go home.

Hopefully I still love Nerdist as much tomorrow as I do today.

 These look fantastic!